We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and an enjoyable holiday time. Thank you all for the support of the club this past year!

We wanted to share with you some of the results of the year and our membership drive for 2018:

  • We are looking forward to the upcoming year due to a number of reasons, firstly our membership early bird drive netted us 190 members versus 141 last year for the same period ending December 31st.
  • This number included a conversion of 47 yard carders to members. Our total dollars are up over last year as a result of the early bird and new member program.
  • We have also had a lot of positive feedback about our books of 5 and 10 for next year and they make very good gifts for friends and relatives.
  • We have a number of small group bookings already that we didn’t have last year at this time. We also have 4 outside events planned for the club with the EK ladies challenge, the BC games, the EK Senior Men’s and one other, all translating into increased revenue in all areas.
  • We have been fortunate over the last number of years to have a very good management team and stable returning staff.
  • Our sales in both Food and Beverage and the golf shop have seen increases again this year.
  • We have been discussing with the team ways to change some of the things we do to save on wages for the coming year to help keep costs down.
  • We have had numerous people comment about the good course conditions in a year where it was very dry and forest fires close by.
  • Some of you might have noticed Tim has started small renovations on the tees of both #13 and 14. In both cases it will allow easier access to the tee boxes for our equipment and a set of forward tees making it more playable for some.
  • We were fortunate to have Tom yost offer to trade machine work for a spousal membership saving us dollars on the project.
  • We also have a new used rough mower (2200 hours) for this coming season to replace the old one which ended the season with a cracked block (9000 hours).
  • We are going to work more closely with the property managers in town and the condo strata associations to direct market the course and our products in hopes we can get more play as a result.
  • We still need you the members to be our advocates and marketers. We need you to bring in new members and don’t forget there is still the $200 incentive for every member brought to the club.
  • Another good piece of news, our long time 3 course consortium is growing to all 7 courses in the area for the first time. This will increase our dollars by almost double that we can spend to market outside the area. Also because of this there are discussions about other joint ventures to put good packages together that will bring people to the area as a result of the move to the new 7 course consortium. We are looking forward to getting our share!

Please enjoy the rest of the winter wherever you might be and we will look forward to seeing everyone in the spring!