Nineteen 4-man teams participated in a “Pucksters Scramble” this week.  Winners were as follows:
  • 1st place – Chuck Sinclair, Bob Bannatyne, Real Edmond and Ron Ek
  • 2nd place – Dennis Schick, Harold Simkins, John Ough and Roger Wiesemann
  • 3rd place – Steve Goyer, Ray Guimont, Grant Farquhar and Pete Longston
KP Winners:
  • #3 John Sorkilmo
  • #7 Harold Simkins
  • #10 Chris Gilroy
  • #15 Mike duToit
Deuces: Jim Scott, Wayne Bell and Ron Ek
  • Steak dinners from Savon – Wes Unruh, Chuck Sinclair
  • $50 KGC gift cards – Jeff Chlopan, Mike duToit
  • Fairmont golf passes – Ed Bannatyne, John Ough
  • Balfour golf passes- Matt Rota
Deuces Shootout
All the May deuce-pot winners had the opportunity to compete in the monthly shootout sponsored by Gene Cooper, RHC Insurance Brokers – there were some very interesting and unique shots down to third green. John Birrell canned a 20 footer for the only birdie and claimed the $400 Prize. Congratulations John!!