Men’s 2022 Boyd-Haddad Team Finalized

See who made the teams!

Coming up on September 10th in Castlegar is one of the longest running tournaments in the Kootenays: The Boyd-Haddad. Following is the finalized team, italicized names added from last men’s day:

Boyd Team (Gross)

  • Jeff Ablett
  • Kevin Dereniwsky
  • Dave McConachy
  • Freeman Ledrew
  • John Baxter
  • Chuck Sinclair
  • D Wales
  • Bob Bannatyne

Haddad Team (Net)

  • Brad Murphy
  • John Birrell
  • John Scanland
  • Jim Scott
  • Randy Lucas
  • Eric McKay
  • Derek Burrow
  • Lex Murray

Final two qualifiers for each team will be determined from Men’s Nite. Last qualifier is Weds August 10th