June 13, 2022 Shannon Bjarnason

Kimberley Open Results

Thanks to everyone who braved the weather out there to participate. Result summary is:

Ladies Winners

  1. Peggy Sorkilmo + Lorraine Wruck ($75 each)
  2. Debra Krantz + Monique VanEngelen ($50 each)

KP on #15 – Karen Mummery ($25 Gift Card from Save on Foods)

Draw prizes were also won by:

  • Donna Yost (2x Sleeves and Towel),
  • Anne Wright (2x Sleeves and Towel),
  • Judy Boucher (sleeve of balls),
  • Susan Osterkampf (sleeve of balls),
  • Candace Dereniwsky (sleeve of balls),
  • Trish Webber (sleeve of balls).

Men Winners (1st $75, 2nd$50)

Net Winners

  • First Flight: 1st– Jeff Ablett, 2nd – Michael Scott
  • Second Flight: 1st – Geraint Jones, 2nd – Chuck Sinclair
  • ThirdFlight: 1st– Lawrence Overes, 2nd – Michael Murphy

Gross Winners

  • First Flight: 1st – Curt Dowery, 2nd – Dennis Schick
  • Second Flight: 1st – Blair Jarvis, 2nd – Les Furber
  • Third Flight: 1st – Lorrin Mayes, 2nd– Brad Harwood

KP on #7 –Ed Bannatyne ($25 Gift Card from Save on Foods)

Here are the full results:

Ladies Full Results

Men’s Full Results