Being doing this for four years and never saw so many twos  – too many red pins on par 3’s meant 18 deuces – don’t look for a big payout !! Remember to put your FULL NAME and handicap on your card.

Stableford Points
1st Flight 2nd Flight 3rd Flight
1st  Kevin Dereniwsky 40 John Boucher 37 Paul Patte 39
2nd  Brad Murphy 38 Darrell Burak 37 Kerry Murray 39
3rd  Wayne Bell 37 Wes Unrau 37 Cody Langford 38
4th  Pete Longston 37 Jim Boudreau 36 Ben Robinson 38
5th Ron Osterkampf 36 Wally Armstrong 36 Kelly Watson 36

Deuce Pot Winners: Andy Gray, Pete Langston, Chuck Sinclair, Kevin Redl, Bob Payne, Wayne Bell, Jim Boudreau, Kevin Dereniwsky, Randy Lucas, John Baxter, Patrick Spensley, Matt Wilkins, Kerry Murray, Dan Bourgeois, Kelly Watson, Dan Holden, Mike Harris, Jake R whoever you are

Piece of the PIE (Dozen TP5s):  Ed Bannatyne

Draw Prize: Daniel Holden

Shootout Qualifiers: Brad Murphy, Wayne Bell, John Boucher, Wes Unrau, Paul Patte, Kerry Murray

Next Week’s Game: Gross/Net Scoring