We hope everyone is enjoying a good summer!

This year has had its up and downs with a late start, early heat and fires creating smoke and difficulty for travel from Alberta.

The positives include the golf shop sales increase, the increased participation in the clubhouse and the increase in our ladies and junior programs. Our other golf and food and beverage programming continues to grow and have positive impacts. Our golf course is in very good condition.
We have some of the best staff in the valley and they are doing a tremendous job!

Green fee play was flat for the first part of the season and has been tailing off a bit with the heat, fires and travel problems. We have 6 other courses that compete for green fee play and as you know everyone has discounted deals to help increase their share.

Our overall full paying membership numbers are down by 18. But we have an additional 115 other members, which include weekend warrior, 9 hole, student, evening family and juniors up 40+ from last year. Our yard cards are at 271. Our membership accounts for just about 50% of our year to date play to the end of July but it only covers 28-30% of our operating cost.

We have been breaking even the last 10 years not including amortization and so far have been able to pay for surprises to date. We have not been able to replace aging equipment on any ongoing regular basis. It will only take one big surprise for us to have trouble covering it without a cash call from the membership.

The Board has come to the conclusion that we have to change our membership pricing structure to create a pot to replace necessary equipment and it is a long list. We all have enjoyed below average membership costs for many years.

We are planning a special meeting for Thursday September 7th at the conference center at 7 PM to discuss and share our proposed pricing for memberships and all products going forward.

As members and voting members of the society you all need to plan to attend to help shape and agree with the ongoing future planning of your club!

John Birrell,

Event Location – The Conference Center – 7.00 pm