The game this week was individual stroke play and the scores were as low as the temperature was high. The Bannatyne Boys cleaned up! With the completion of this week’s play we have added the players who qualified for the Boyd Haddad teams through Men’s Night, click here to see who is on the team so far.

Information about the August 15th Shotgun & Shootout night is at the bottom of this post…

Category 0-14 Handicap 15+ Handicap
1st low gross Kevin Dereniwsky Wally Armstrong
2nd low gross Andy Gray Larry Bell
1st low net Bob Bannatyne Jay Bannatyne
2nd low net Ed Bannatyne Ray Delane
3rd low net Ron Osterkampf Randy Krantz
  • #3 – Bob Bannatyne, Lawrence Overes
  • #7 – Kevin Dereniwsky, John Sorkilmo
  • #10 – Gord Blake , Mike Hoko
  • #15 – John Ough, Terry Ross
  • #3 – Dave Wilson, Chris Heineman, Ed Bannatyne, Mike Scott
  • #7 – Chris Lowery
  • #10 – Mike Hoko, Marc Lilly
  • #11 – Andy Gray
  • #13 – Bob Payne
  • #15 – Mike Murphy, John Ough, Jay Bannatyne, Grant Farquhar, Larry Bell
Draw Prizes
  • Chuck Sinclair
  • Paul Patte
  • Mike Murphy

Aug 15th Shotgun & Shootout

Next Wednesday (August 15th) is a 2:00 pm Shotgun – two-man teams playing a 6-6-6 format. Entry fee is $25 and includes burger and fries after the round. Enter as a team or solo and we will find you a partner. July deuce pot winners shoot out takes place after dinner, approximately 7:30. Below are the list of qualifiers participating in the shootout:

  • July 4: Chris Lowery, Dennis Brealey, Kevin Dereniwsky, Kevin Martin, Owen Perrin, Al Tovee
  • July 11:  Ray Guimont, Dave Wilson, Blair Murphy, Chris Heineman, Kevin Dereniwsky, Bob McLean, Bill Bentley, Bob Payne, Wally Armstrong, Wes Unrau
  • July 18: shotgun scramble
  • July 25: Patrick Spensley, Mike Hoko, Randy Lucas, Jason Weimar, Harold Simkins, John Clark, Randy Krantz, Howard Ens, Norm Foster, Greg Dare