This week we did a blind draw for two man teams and results are as follows:

  • 1st: Mike Hoko and John Sorkilmo
  • 2nd: Ron Christensen and Dan Bourgeous
  • 3rd: Wally Armstrong and Derek Baker
  • 4th: Ray Guimont and Brandon Veenstra
  • 5th: Ed Bannatyne and John Scanland
  • 6th: Harold Simkins and Doug Svitich
  • Xth: Bob McLean and Lex Murray ( you guess what Xth place is ?? )

Deuces: Wally Armstrong, Paul Patte, Wes Unrau, Chuck Sinclair, Randy Lucas, Jim Scott, Bill McLelland, Harold Simkins

Piece of the Pie: ( dozen TaylorMade TP5 ) Kevin Jones

Weekly Draw Prize: Bob McLean

Shootout Qualifiers: Mike Hoko, John Sorkilmo, Ron Christensen, Wally Armstrong, Derek Baker, Ray Guimont