The  2018 Boyd-Haddad event will be held on Saturday September 9 at the the Balfour Golf Club.  Entry fee to qualify is $10 and 22 members already entered during the Wood Valance tournament. Successful qualifiers were Kevin Dereniwsky and Jeff Ablett for the Boyd team and Bob Bannatyne and Mike Scott for the Haddad squad.

You can still qualify! There are four spots on each team up for grabs at the Club Championship to be held on August 11-12.

And, given Pucksters will have a new look this year, the last two spots on each team will be determined on Men’s Night. Play on June 20, July 11 and August 8 and we’ll use your two best scores to determine the last two spots on each team. And yes, every putt must be holed out.

Those who paid at the Wood Valance are automatically eligible. If you haven’t paid yet let us know before you play on the 20th or prior to the Club Chanpionship.